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We are serious in our approach to business; nonetheless, we have not forgotten to play and enjoy the creative process of designing the best solutions
Kristina Laco


Kristina obtained an MA in international economics and management at the Bocconi University in Milan. She is one of the leading Croatian experts in the field of communications management, with years of experience of working in the media as well as corporate and agency sectors. Over the years she has participated in a number of projects that have left a mark on the Croatian social and economic scene and the capital market. Moreover, she regularly advises board members and top managers of both domestic and international companies operating in the Croatian market on various communication-related issues and is a communications coach for some of the most prominent business and political figures. Kristina is a member of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) and the UK-based CIPR; she holds a CIPR degree and is a certified CIPR lecturer.


When not working, she mostly goes running. She neither acknowledges obstacles nor resigns to restrictions, and always strives to do her best.

Violeta Colić

Violeta graduated in mathematics at the Faculty of Natural Science in Zagreb, but began her professional career in the media and continued in the field of communication management, first in the corporate sector and then in the agency sector. As one of the most experienced and professional of persons in the field of strategic communication in the Croatian market, she has participated in many complex communication projects. She particularly has a wealth of experience in issue and crisis communication management. She is actively involved in the educational aspect of public relations, as well as public relations and media trainings. Violeta is a member of both HUOJ and CIPR; she holds a CIPR degree and is a certified CIPR lecturer.


In addition to solving communication challenges, she equally enjoys good food and cooking. She never panics and is convinced that there is no creativity without knowledge.

Anita Klapan

senior consultant/partner


Anita completed her MA in psychology and later a postgraduate specialist program in integrated marketing communications at the University of Zagreb. She also completed education programs in cognitive-behavioral therapy and transactional analysis. She has gained professional communication-related experience by working for various non-governmental organizations and civil service, as well as at an agency for the past ten or so years. As an external communications consultant, Anita has worked with a large number of corporate clients in various industries, as well as participated in many projects for non-governmental organizations, associations, and governmental and other institutions, including World Bank and European Commission’s projects.


She loves art and is constantly in motion. She believes one should never stop learning and that perseverance and attention to detail always pay off.

Marko Valentić



Marko graduated in communication sciences, with a major in public relations, at the Center for Croatian Studies on a scholarship for excellence at the University of Zagreb. He has gained his professional experience in the media and the NGO sector, working on projects of developing new media products, on-line community management, event organization and survey implementation. As member of the advisory team, he is involved in the design and implementation of communication projects for the agency’s clients.


A sociable spirit with a passion for new technology. He spends his spare time surrounded by friends or recharging in nature by trail running. A cup of strong tea and a tablet in his hands are parts of his daily routine.

Lea Pavelić

junior consultant


Lea graduated in public relations and television at the Faculty of Political Sciences, which presented her with a Rector's Award. Prior to joining the agency, she worked in business consulting as an expert in communication and human resource management. At the agency she works on developing strategic documents and communication plans, and is involved in consulting and operational implementation of communication activities intended for different publics. 

To relax from work she learns foreign languages ​​and travels. She does not believe in self-praise and considers actions and results to be the best and most reliable recommendation.

Andrej Mendaš

community manager


Andrej graduated communication sciences at Croatian studies University of Zagreb. Prior to joining the agency, he worked in the media on local radio stations, later following position in web journalism in one of the sports portals where he gathered great experience in copywriting and social media management. At the agency Andrej is in charge for social media management and consultancy.  

He can't go a day without thinking about or playing sports, especially football and tennis. He loves to travel and one of his goals is to travel and experience all of the four Grand Slams. Leading thought: „Think globally, act locally.“



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